Software Hacks

Expand the YouTube Video Player to its Maximum Size

The default full screen button in the YouTube video player expands the video such that it covers your entire desktop area and all existing windows on the screen stay hidden as long as you are watching the video is this "maximized" state.

Track Upcoming Books by your Favorite Author

Know when the next book of your favorite author is hitting the stores before anyone else. Also keep track of all new and upcoming book releases around any topic.

Find the Actual Signal Strength on your BlackBerry

BlackBerry, like most other mobile phones, uses a bar graph to indicate the current signal strength of your cellular network. Learn a cheat code that will show you the exact strength in dBm.

What’s Inside any Private YouTube Video

If you see a message - this video is private - it indicates that that YouTube video you're trying to watch is not available for your Google Account. You can however still see some frames of that private video.

Use Google Sidewiki without the Google Toolbar

This article describes how you can use Google Sidewiki without installing the Google Toolbar. You can add the Sidewiki bookmarklet to your web browser or your iPhone and read Sidewiki entries or annotations for any web page.

Scan the Junk Folder in Gmail for any Important Emails

Gmail's built-in spam protection system is smart at spotting junk messages but it can sometimes mark even legitimate emails as spam. It is therefore necessary that one should always scan the junk folder manually for any important messages before emptying it.

How to Enable Visual Search in Bing

If you cannot access Bing visual search from your computer, go to Bing settings and change your current location to United States.

How to End a Phone Call Without Being Rude

If you get a phone call from a rude telemarketer, you can simply say that you are not interested and hang up the phone in case they are not willing to finish the conversation on their own. But how do you end a call with a boring friend or a relative?