How-to Guides

This is a collection of evergreen how-guides and detailed tutorials to help you do more with software tools that you use daily.

The Best Twitter Apps for your Mobile Phone

Looking for mobile applications for Twitter? Here you'll find the best Twitter Mobile Apps for your BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile or your Android device.

How to Deliver a Great Presentation Like Steve Jobs

If you like to learn some of the techniques and styles that make Steve Jobs such a great presenter, watch these excellent videos and slides by Carmine Gallo, author of 'The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.'

How to Make your Windows Start-up Faster

You computer's boot time depends on the number of apps that load at start-up. Learn how you can make your Windows start-up faster with a simple tweak.

How to Check the Health of your Hard Drive

This guide descibes how you can test the health of your computer's hard disk before they malfunction. Also learn about free hard drive diagnostics tools that can catch most drive errors.

Which Online Backup Service Should You Use?

Wondering which is the best online backup sevice for you? Read a detailed comparison of the top backup services that will automatically copy your computer's data to an offsite location without your involvement.

Download Attachments from Multiple E-Mails

This tutorial describes how you can easily download file attachments from multiple e-mails at once. Works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and all other email systems.

Windows Live Photo Gallery vs Picasa

The new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery supports facial recognition, geo-tagging, panorama stiching and themed slideshare but is it better that Google's Picasa software? Read a detailed comparison.