How-to Guides

This is a collection of evergreen how-guides and detailed tutorials to help you do more with software tools that you use daily.

Buying a TV? Here’s What You Should Know

Read our TV buying guide to decide which type of TV (LCD, LED or Plasma) you should buy, the right HDTV screen size, and other specification that matter.

Write Commands in the Address Bar of your Browser

You probably use the address bar in your browser to search web pages. Now learn how to use the address bar to capture screenshots, send emails, download videos or even shorten the URLs.

Building an Android App for your Blog

If you would like to create a native Android App (apk) for your own blog, here are all the things you should know to build the mobile app.

Using the Sleep & Home Buttons of your iOS Device

Your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has two buttons – the home button at the front and the sleep / wake button near the top right-hand corner. How do you use these buttons and when?

Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service – Guide

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an easy and inexpensive Internet hard-drive from Amazon Web Services (AWS) with absolutely no limits. This S3 Guide has all the information and tools you would need to quickly get started with Amazon S3.

Google Hack Gives Free Access to Premium Newspaper Articles

Online newspaper websites like The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times are part of the First Click Free program but Google visitors can still get free access to all the news articles without registering or subscribing.

Tips for Using Multiple Sign-in with Google Accounts

Google multiple sign-in feature lets you switch between different Gmail and Google accounts in the same browser without having to go through the sign-in / sign-out cycle. Here are some related tips on using multiple sign-in.

How to Setup your own URL Shortening Service

Learn how to setup a TinyURL or like URL shorterning service on your website with Google Short Links. Short URLs are easy to remember and can be shared on email without issues.

Easily Fix your Shaky Cellphone Videos with YouTube

This video tutorial describes how you may easily smooth-out and fix your shaky video footage captured with hand-held video cameras and cellphones with the help of YouTube's online video editor. Stabilization makes your videos worth watching!

How to Completely Test Your Website

Your site audience could be using a different browser or an operating system that you may have never worked on before, their system may not have certain fonts that are used in your site design, the resolution of their computer screen may be too low and so on.