How-to Guides

This is a collection of evergreen how-guides and detailed tutorials to help you do more with software tools that you use daily.

Install Google Web Fonts on your Computer

Google Fonts are beautiful web fonts that can be used without restrictions. You can download and install Google Fonts on your computer for writing Office documents.

Keep your Online Accounts Safe and Secure

You probably use strong and unique passwords do protect your accounts safe but is that enough? This page provides a security checklist and tips to keep your online accounts safe and secure.

Build a Wireless Home Network without a Router

This tutorial describes how you can setup a wireless network and share files / Internet connection with multiiple computers, mobile phones and other wireless devices without a Wi-Fi router.

How to Password Protect your Files and Folders

This guide describes how you can easily password protect your files and folders on the computer or a USB Flash drive. The locked folders are hidden from view and won't display in Windows desktop search results.

How to Setup a Whitelist in Gmail

How do you whitelist email addresses or web domains in Gmail such that messages from these senders are never marked as spam and delivered to your Inbox always.

Create HTML Signatures Right Inside Gmail

This tip describes how you can create rich HTML signatures with images in your outgoing Gmail messages. You can also have multiple signatures per account.

Send Postal Letters Anywhere in the World Through Internet

Learn how to send real letters (snail mail) using email - the services will print, fold, envelope, add postage stamps and send out the letter to the destination address via postal mail. You can also upload photographs, Word or PDF documents and send them using the computer.

Interesting Uses of the Camera in Mobile Phones

Are you using your camera phone only for capturing photos of friends and family? You can do a lot more like screen capture, use your phone as an OCR scanners, remember dates, the car parking slots and more.

How to Record Skype Calls on your iPad

This tutorial describes a simple technique that will help you record Skype calls on your iPad or iPhone using free apps. For video calls, the audio (voice) portion is recorded.

Bring the Web to your Living Room

You can enjoy Internet on your TV. This guide reviews hardware devices that will let you watch web videos, streaming movies, TV shows and other Internet content right on your TV.