Google is a name synonymous with search but it a much wider term now that includes social networking, blogs, photo sharing, video sharing, email and more.

Google Universal Search – Extreme Edition

Google Universal Search presents mixed content in search results – you'll see a couple of clips from YouTube, the top news headlines and maybe snippets from related books on the same page .

Google Alerts gets RSS Feeds

As expected, Google now provides the option to get Alerts via RSS feeds as well. Just go to Google Alerts, create a new alert, and select the “feed” option.

Frozen Slush Inspired by Google

Google is not getting into the food business and this Gulp launch was just another April Fools' Day prank but this possibly inspired a company in India to launch a semi-frozen slush.

Google Reader iGoogle gadget updated

Google has updated the Google Reader gadget for the iGoogle startpage. Earlier, it was a limited gadget, which only showed previews of your feeds.

Google makes you smarter ?

A UCLA study has revealed that the use of search engines may actually help stimulate and improve the minds of middle-aged and older people.

Google Custom Search with fewer ads

Google Custom Search allows you to create a custom search engine for your site. The problem is the advertising is sometimes too intrusive, even when no results are found.

Get Orkut on your iPhone; Orkut Events Coming Soon

The iPhone version of Orkut is more feature-rich than the older mobile version in the sense that you now read friend updates, delete scraps and even view photo albums right from the iPhone.

Picjuice Online Image Editor

If you’re looking for a dead simple online image editor to perform only the most basic image editing tasks, Google Appengine based Picjuice is the answer.