Google is a name synonymous with search but it a much wider term now that includes social networking, blogs, photo sharing, video sharing, email and more.

Google Puts an .EXE File on their Homepage

If you click the Update Now link on the Google home page, it will download an executable file – setgooglesearch.exe – on the desktop that will set Google as the default search engine inside IE.

Mahatma Gandhi on the Google Homepage

Today marks the 140th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Google India is celebrating this with a new Gandhi logo on their homepage.

Imagine Google Living Inside Your Home ..

If Google were a real human being who happened to live in the same apartment as you, will this make your life any better? Google Roomate video has a clue.

Google Audio Ads for Radio to Stage a Comeback

Though Google has moved away from traditional broadcast radio advertising, they are working to expand their web advertising business in the online radio space with audio ads.

Use Google for Real-Time Web Search

Google is pretty quick at indexing fresh content and new web pages can show up in Google search results within minutes of getting published online. Let’s see how to use Google for Real-Time web search.

Best Money Saving Tips from Google Tip Jar

Google Tip Jar is a community project with free money saving tips. These simple ideas will help you save money on electricity bills, cable TV, postage, restaurants, travel, fuel and more.

A Request to Google AdSense Team

There have been just too many issues with AdSense during the past week or so. The reporting delays are getting too frequent now and then some major technical glitch occurred last week that probably had an impact on the revenue of some AdSense publishers.

Google Adsense Now Allows You to Change Fonts

You can now choose to customize the appearance of your Google Adsense ad unit by choosing between “Arial”, “Verdana” or “Times” font-faces on all English (Latin-based) web pages.

Single Google Query uses 1000 Machines in 0.2 seconds

Google is normally quite secretive about their search infrastructure but, in a break from tradition, they have revealed that a single search query on Google can consume the processing power of 1000 machines.

Get Google on Windows Mobile Phones

The Google Mobile App for Windows Mobile phones gives you fast access to Google Search without having to open a browser and load the Google homepage.