Google is a name synonymous with search but it a much wider term now that includes social networking, blogs, photo sharing, video sharing, email and more.

How to Export Data out of Google Servers

Learn how to export data out of Google Servers and save to them your local hard disk. This is required if you are migrating from Google to another service.

Google Hack Gives Free Access to Premium Newspaper Articles

Online newspaper websites like The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times are part of the First Click Free program but Google visitors can still get free access to all the news articles without registering or subscribing.

All-in-One Google Search

WDYL, short for What Do You Love?, is a new website from Google that lets you search across all the Google Products from one place.

Tips for Writing a DMCA Complaint to Google

How do you deal with a scraper site and prevent them from republishing your content? One option is that you submit a DMCA complaint to Google to get the scraper site out of search results.

The New Layout of Google Sitelinks

When you search for a brand or domain name on Google, the search results may often contain a cluster of 6-8 links that point to some of the most important interior pages of that site. Google calls them Sitelinks.