Google is a name synonymous with search but it a much wider term now that includes social networking, blogs, photo sharing, video sharing, email and more.

All-in-One Google Search

WDYL, short for What Do You Love?, is a new website from Google that lets you search across all the Google Products from one place.

Being Number One in Google Search Makes a Big Difference

Wondering what’s the average CTR on Google? A report says that 37% of Google users will click on the first link listed in Google search page while a mere 12.5% will check sites that rank at number in Google.

Tips for Writing a DMCA Complaint to Google

How do you deal with a scraper site and prevent them from republishing your content? One option is that you submit a DMCA complaint to Google to get the scraper site out of search results.

The New Layout of Google Sitelinks

When you search for a brand or domain name on Google, the search results may often contain a cluster of 6-8 links that point to some of the most important interior pages of that site. Google calls them Sitelinks.

Display Readability Levels in Google Search Results

You can now see the readability level of web pages in Google itself. To read a page that’s written in more simple English, click the search result that’s marked as “Basic reading level.”

Video Animation – Don’t Be Evil Google!

Google CEO Eric Schmidt made this remark sometime back on online privacy – “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” Later, in another gathering, he suggested children could change their names when they got older if they wanted to escape what was embarrassing and public in their online lives.