Google is a name synonymous with search but it a much wider term now that includes social networking, blogs, photo sharing, video sharing, email and more.

A Hidden Feature of Google Handwriting

Google Handwriting recognition lets you write search queries on your mobile phone or tablet without using the keyboard. It can recognize shapes as well.

Google Abandons Music Search in India

Google Music Search in India allows people to find songs from Bollywood films and music albums. However, they no longer maintain it actively.

All the Google Search Tips in one Video

The search team at Google has created a short video that puts all the useful stuff you can do on, plus some search tricks, in one place.

How Google Tests Software

If you are curious to know how testing for cloud software happens at Google, the book - How Google Tests Software – might be of interest.

Google Search meets Social Analytics

Google with Social Stats is a new custom search engine that integrates social analytics from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus into web search results.