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Do More with your Feedly RSS Reader

Feedly is our favorite RSS Reader. If you have just migrated from Google Reader to Feedly, this guide will help get up to speed and learn a few trick in the process.

Finding a Replacement for Google Reader

Google Reader is shutting down and we have around four months to move our existing RSS subscriptions to another feed reader. What are some of the good alternatives to Google Reader?

An RSS Feed Reader for Google Chrome

Feeder is like a mini Google Reader embedded in Chrome - it tracks RSS Feeds and offers instant notifications whenever new content is available.

How to Get Full Feeds inside Google Reader

Some websites, BBC News and CNN for example, offer only a headline and a short excerpt in their RSS feeds but you can easily convert these partial feeds into full text and read the full story right inside Google Reader itself.

How to Create a Lifestream with Google Reader

Let's say you have blogs on Twitter, Flickr, delicious, YouTube and other social sites. Learn how you can aggregate everything into a single lifestream that anyone can subscribe to.

Easter Eggs in Google Reader

Matt share an Easter egg hidden inside Google Reader that turns the Like button into a Heart and to know what happens when you click this Heart button, watch the video.

What Twitter Can Learn from Google Reader

Tnhe Suggested Users page is probably the most controversial element of Twitter. Think of it as an exclusive club where an entry can help you gain thousands of new followers on Twitter in a single day.

FeedDemon and Google Reader: A Perfect Marriage

FeedDemon is the best desktop based news reader for Windows while Google Reader enjoys the largest share of the pie among online feed readers. Imagine if these RSS readers could sync with each other.

Carry Your Google Reader Offline with Scoop, Supports Synchronization

Read Google Reader subscriptions offline on the road with Scoop, a free AIR app available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It keeps track of multiple Google Reader accounts simultaneously. Read, tag and star your blog posts anywhere Scoop will synchronize your changes with Google when you’re back online.

Tutorial: Create RSS Feeds for your Website

Learn how to create and publish RSS feeds for a website without any software. RSS feeds can drive traffic to your site and also help visitors stay updated without visiting your site.

Translate RSS Feed with Google Reader

Google Reader now provides an option to translate RSS feeds to your native language. So the next time you’re subscribing to a feed in a foreign language, just check the “Translate into my language” option.