Google Maps

With Google Maps, available at, you can find businesses around your location or get driving directions to anywhere. Google Maps also offers virtual tours with Street View.

Drive a Car Anywhere with Google Maps

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a car on the congested streets of Now York or the scenic roads in Romania? Try car driving on Google Maps to get an idea!

Live Flight Tracking on Google Maps

Here's a brilliant Google Maps based service that displays live movements of incoming and outgoing flights on a Google Map for live flight tracking.

A Mysterious Sighting on Google Maps

Open Google Maps, search for 8877 Quarten, Switzerland (or 47.110579, 9.227568) and switch to Google Street View. Look around and you'll find something mysterious in the sky.

Find Videos Recorded at a Particular Location

YouTube lets you add location information to your videos but offers no option for you to find geotagged videos. There are however Google Maps based mashups that let your easily search local videos on YouTube.

All the World Newspapers on a Single Page

Newspaper Map is a comprehensive catalogue of all the prominent local and national newspapers of the world arranged on a Google Map. You can zoom-in to find all of the newspapers that are published from a particular geographic region and read them online.

Google Street View is in India – Would you Opt-Out?

Chevrolet SUVs would soon be scouring the streets of Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi capturing photographs for Google’s Street View project. But are you comfortable with Google taking pictures of your home and putting them on Google Maps and Google Earth for public access?

What if Oil Spill happened in your City?

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now considered as one of the largest oil spills in the world. Visualize the oil slick area on Google Maps.

An Aircraft Dumping Ground on Google Maps

Here are some stunning satellite images of an Air Force Base in Arizona, USA that houses thousands of military aircraft arranged in such beautiful patterns.