Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser developed Google and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Read tips and tricks to help you master Google Chrome.

Master your Web Browser’s Search Box

You can use the browser search bar of Chrome, Firefox and IE to do more interesting things like fixing grammatical errors, storing long strings of text or even for removing formatting from clipboard content.

How to Change User Agent String in Google Chrome

Learn how to change the default user agent string of Google Chrome and do things that were otherwise impossible. You can simulate Googlebot or the iPhone or even IE while staying in Google Chrome.

How to Add Websites as Apps in Google Chrome

You can quickly add, or install, any of your favorite website to the Apps section of Google Chrome even if that site is not available as an installable app in the Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome Gets a Web Accelerator

The original Google Web Accelerator is no longer available but some of the functionality to make web pages load faster been added to Google Chrome itself with Instant Pages.

Open Websites in Google Chrome from Firefox

Open web pages or even hyperlinks in Google Chrome from Firefox itself. If are using Firefox along side Google’s browser, this “Open in Google Chrome” extension might come handy – it lets you send web sites and links directly to Google Chrome from Firefox.