Google Apps

With Google Apps, you get personalized email addresses, a domain name to host your organization’s website, calendar and other goodies mostly for free.

Google Drops Prices of Google Apps in India

Google has dropped prices of Google Apps in India making Google Email and their Office suite even more affordable for start-ups and small businesses in India.

How to Sign-up for Google Apps for Free

Though Google has officially discontinued the standard (free) edition of Google Apps, you can still sign-up for it for free using a simple workaround.

Get Read Receipts in Gmail with Google Apps

Like read receipts in Microsoft Outlook, Gmail has enabled email tracking in Google Apps Business to help users know the exact date and time where their email was opened and read by the recipient(s).

My Gmail Account and Google Apps Got Hacked

What should you do when your Gmail or Google Apps accounts are hacked? How do establish your identity to recover your stolen Google Accounts. Here are some tips to protect you from hackers.

Synchronization Tools for Microsoft Outlook

Whether you want to shift your Outlook emails and calendars to the online cloud or just want to keep your Outlook items in sync with an online service like Google Apps or Gmail, here are some free tools / web services to help you out.