Google Analytics

Google Analytics is web traffic analysis services from Google that offers detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and how the visitors are interacting with the site. It also helps measure social activity on your website.

Master Google Analytics

The following presentations by Sarah Blake will walk you through some of the key features of Google Analytics including reports /metrics that you really need to focus upon while analyzing data.

Track Your RSS Feed Clicks with Google Analytics

Would you like to track how may people are visiting your site via your RSS feed? If you are using FeedBurner to syndicate the RSS feeds of your blog, you can easily track all the incoming traffic from feed clicks through Google Analytics.

Google e-book Offers Tips on How to Improve Your Website

Google UK has released a PDF booklet with some very useful tips on how to make your website work. The guide is written primarily for online businesses and marketers but the tips and findings are relevant for small websites as well.

Google Analytics "Visitor Counter" Badge for WordPress Blogs

You probably use the FeedBurner badge to show the count of your feed subscribers and Twitter badge to display the number of your followers on Twitter. Now there's a new badge in town to display data from Google Analytics onto your WordPress powered website.

Enable Google Analytics for your AdSense Account

AdSense publishers will soon be able to view more detailed reports by linking their AdSense accounts to Analytics. Here's a quick tip that should help you enable Analytics in your AdSense account in less than 24 hours.