Google AdSense

Google AdSense is program that helps bloggers and website owners monetize their online content with the help of contextual ads provided by AdWords advertisers.

How to Add Custom-Sized AdSense Ads to your Website

The new custom-sized AdSense ad units, if implemented properly, may help boost your advertising revenue. Learn how you should add these new units to your responsive or non-responsive website.

Google Approves Responsive AdSense Ads

The Google AdSense team has officially confirmed that publishers can use JavaScript to server ads of different size based on the screen size of the visitor.

How to Make Money on the Internet

How to make money on the Internet? This interesting flowchart from Fast Company offers some ideas other than Google AdSense.

Google AdSense Turns Eight Today!

Google launched the AdSense program exactly eight years ago and, in these years, the program has made a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of bloggers and web publishers across the world.

Notes from Google Partner Connect

At Google Partner Connect in Mumbai, Google India MD delivered the opening address and that was followed by sessions on AdSense, DoubleClick, Google Analytics and YouTube. My notes.

How Changes to Ad Units Impact AdSense Earnings

A new feature in Google AdSense called Events History will help publishers easily understand their earning fluctuations. You will know how changes to various Google ads have impacted your revenue and CTR over time.

Some Google Ads Promote AdSense Scams

Advertisers are able to use Google’s own AdWords system to promote AdSense related products in India that are nothing but scams.