Gmail is a free ad-supported web email service from Google that offers upto 7 GB of free online storage. Individual file attachments in Gmail can be as large as 25 MB in size and you can always buy additional storage from Google.

Create HTML Signatures Right Inside Gmail

This tip describes how you can create rich HTML signatures with images in your outgoing Gmail messages. You can also have multiple signatures per account.

Get Read Receipts in Gmail with Google Apps

Like read receipts in Microsoft Outlook, Gmail has enabled email tracking in Google Apps Business to help users know the exact date and time where their email was opened and read by the recipient(s).

A Different Kind of Pop-up Ads in Gmail

Like traditional pop-up windows, these new pop-up ads in Gmail cover a major portion of the Inbox and won't disappear until you close them manually.

Tips for Using Multiple Sign-in with Google Accounts

Google multiple sign-in feature lets you switch between different Gmail and Google accounts in the same browser without having to go through the sign-in / sign-out cycle. Here are some related tips on using multiple sign-in.

Disable the Most Annoying Feature of Gmail

Every time you send, reply or forward an email message to someone through Gmail, it automatically saves the email address of that person to your contacts list.

Adding Screen Captures in Gmail and Google Docs

iClippy is a free screen capture tool that lets you capture screenshots and paste them into Gmail, Google Docs and other online web applications without having to save that screenshot image locally.