Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser for Mac, Windows and Linux. It is the second most popular browser after Internet Explorer.

Get Google Chrome Like Start Page in Firefox

Google Chrome start page includes a list of most frequently visited websites as well as a list of recently closed tabs - you can duplicate this feature in Firefox with about:tab.

Internet Explorer 8 Fans Take a Cue from Spread Firefox

Taking a cue from the success of Spread Firefox, Microsoft MVPs in India have launched a new site at to spread awareness about the new Internet Explorer 8 browser that is much faster and feature rich than any of the previous versions of IE.

View Firefox Passwords in Plain Text

Unhide Password is a simple Firefox extension that reveals all passwords by displaying them in plain text instead of the normal asterisks.

One Button for Both Stop and Reload in Firefox

The Stop and the Reload buttons in any web browser are interchangeably required - the Stop button is used when a web page is in the loading state while the Reload (or Refresh) button is only needed when the page has loaded either completely or partially.

Never Forget Anything with, or the Latitudinal Information Scrap Trapper that Indexes Things, is a small, simple note-keeping Firefox extension designed by MIT researchers to help you manage the tons of little information bits you need to keep track of each day.

HTML Source Viewer in Firefox 3.1 Gets Better

The Mozilla team has quietly enhanced the HTML source viewer in Firefox 3.1 so it becomes more easy for web designers to view the source code of all linked elements including CSS files, JavaScript and even web pages.

Open docx Files in Firefox without Office 2007

If you don't have Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can still read the Open Office XML Format (.docx) files in Firefox browser by converting the docx documents into HTML web pages.

Find and Replace for Firefox

Find-and-Replace is an invaluable feature that most text-editors provide. Unfortunately while using Firefox for editing tasks, there is no such native alternative.

How to Watch YouTube Videos While Working on other Tasks

You plan to watch a lengthy video clip on YouTube but the problem is that you have lot of other stuff to do and therefore can't focus all the attention to just one video. How do you watch videos while multi-tasking?