Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser for Mac, Windows and Linux. It is the second most popular browser after Internet Explorer.

Master your Web Browser’s Search Box

You can use the browser search bar of Chrome, Firefox and IE to do more interesting things like fixing grammatical errors, storing long strings of text or even for removing formatting from clipboard content.

Open Websites in Google Chrome from Firefox

Open web pages or even hyperlinks in Google Chrome from Firefox itself. If are using Firefox along side Google’s browser, this “Open in Google Chrome” extension might come handy – it lets you send web sites and links directly to Google Chrome from Firefox.

See Web Pages in 3D with Tilt, a Firefox Extension

While you are on a web page, activate the 3D navigation controls by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M and then use your mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard to pan, zoom or rotate that page in any direction

Firefox 4 Final is Here!

The installers for the final release of Firefox 4 are now available for download on Mozilla’s FTP servers that you may directly access using the following links.

Make your Old Add-ons Work with Firefox 4

Some of your favorite add-ons (aka extensions) may not work with Firefox 4 since the developer has not updated them yet. There's however a workaround to make all older add-ons compatible with the new Firefox 4.0.

Find Updates for all your Firefox Plug-ins

The Firefox Plugins Check page hosted on will create a list of all plug-ins that are installed on your system and will match that data with its own list to determine if you are running an older version.

Firefox Logo Drawn Using Firefox Itself

Firefox 3.7 will not just have an awesome interface but it will also include support for multi-touch devices. Marcio Galli demonstrates how he could draw a logo of Firefox on a touch-screen laptop running the latest build of Firefox 3.7 using nothing but his fingers.

The Firefox Manual – A Beginner’s Guide

The Firefox User Manual is available for reading online or you can download it as a PDF ebook. It's a visual getting started guide with detailed instructions on how to use Firefox.

Why You Should Use Prism with Firefox

Prism is an interesting new application that helps you create desktop shortcuts to your favorite websites in few clicks. These website shortcuts can either be placed on the desktop screen, the Windows start menu or the Dock in Mac OS.