Facebook is our favorite social networking site that is used by more than 750 million people worldwide. Facebook is also available for all mobile phones as apps.

The Biggest Nuisance on Facebook – Photo Tags

Photo tagging applications are a problem on Facebook as they can fill your personal photo album with pictures of odd-looking cartoon characters, collages, horoscopes, etc. Here are some privacy settings to keep tagged photos off your Facebook profile.

Write Your Own Facebook App in 5 Minutes

This step-by-step tutorial describes how you can write your own Facebook App in 5 minutes even if you are not a geek. A video screencast for writing Facebook applications is also included for easy reference.

Post your Recent Facebook Photos on your Blog

With the new Facebook photo badge, you can embed your most recently uploaded Facebook photos on external sites like blogs, social networks or even your email signature.

Connect with your existing Orkut Friends on Facebook

If you started your online social life on Orkut but later migrated to Facebook, here's a simple import utility that will help you become friends with all your old Orkut buddies who may have shifted to Facebook as well.

See Location of Facebook Friends on Google Maps

If you are travelling to another city (or country) and need to know about Facebook friends who may be located in that geographic region, here's how you can see them on Google Maps.

Book Chain in Israel Tries to Woo the Facebook Crowd

Tzomet Sfarim, a book chain based in Israel, is using a variation of the Facebook logo in their print ads to attract Israeli youngsters who may be too addicted to the social web especially Facebook.

Teens Not Attending School Can Now Join Facebook

The minimum age requirement to become a member of Facebook is thirteen (13) years but if anyone under the age of 18 wants to join Facebook, he should be studying in some high school or college else his membership would be in violation of Facebook terms.