Facebook is our favorite social networking site that is used by more than 750 million people worldwide. Facebook is also available for all mobile phones as apps.

Send your Facebook Updates to Grandma via Post

If your grandparents and other family members are not on Facebook, you can still send them your Facebook updates and photos regularly via post. Meet a service that will deliver your Facebook feed to anyone as a printed newsletter.

Photo Memories in Facebook

The new photo memories feature in Facebook that nicely highlights old photographs from your friend’s photo albums that you may have missed previously.

Do You Speak Multiple Languages on Facebook?

Do you speak more than one language on Facebook? This tips shows how you can hide native language updates from friends who don’t understand your mother tongue.

Set Thumbnail Images for your Web Pages

Learn how to add thumbnail images to your web pages that are displayed when links from your website are submitted to social sites like Digg and Facebook.

How to Cross-Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Update your Facebook privacy settings and then look at your Facebook profile from the eyes of other people to make sure that you aren’t sharing anything private with Facebook stalkers.