Facebook is our favorite social networking site that is used by more than 750 million people worldwide. Facebook is also available for all mobile phones as apps.

How a Typical Facebook Scam Works?

How do scams happen on Facebook and why do they spread so quickly? This video from a Facebook security engineer has the answer.

Facebook Recommends People to Subscribe to

Facebook now recommends you other public Facebook profiles to subscribe (or follow) to and these recommendations are based on your existing subscriptions.

How to Download Facebook Photo Albums

This article describes a tool that will help you download Facebook photo albums to the desktop for free. In fact, you may also use the tool to download photos of your Facebook friends as well.

A Trillion Pageviews for Facebook

Facebook has hit a new milestone - the social site touched a trillion page views from the 870 million people who visited Facebook this month. A trillion is equivalent to a million million or a thousand billion.

Create your own Facebook Book

The Facebook app analyzes your entire Facebook activity – your status updates, photo albums, events you’ve attended, etc. - and turns them into an elegant printed book.

Your Skype is now a Facebook Chat Client

Connect your Facebook account with Skype - you can do this from within the Skype desktop software itself – and it will show a list of all your Facebook friends you can chat with.