Learn how to embed Flash videos, music, photographs, charts, calendars and everything else into your website.

Embed Large Pictures with Google Maps Viewer

Learn how to embed high resolution photographs into your website (with pan and zoom) using the Google Maps Image Viewer that cuts the large image into small tiles.

An Online Viewer for Microsoft Project Files

There's no official viewer for Microsoft Project (MPP) files but you can still now view, print and embed project plans for free without requiring Microsoft Project software.

The Best Tools for Content Curation

A content curation tool lets you pull videos, images, presentations, tweets, blog posts and other web content into a bundle which you can then easily embed and share on the web.

Use the Black YouTube Player in your Web Pages

Learn how to change the color of the YouTube Player that is used to embed videos in your web pages. You may use white (light) or dark (black) color for the YouTube Player.

Expand the YouTube Video Player to its Maximum Size

The default full screen button in the YouTube video player expands the video such that it covers your entire desktop area and all existing windows on the screen stay hidden as long as you are watching the video is this "maximized" state.

Embed YouTube Videos in both Flash and HTML5

Learn how you can easily embed a YouTube video in your site using both HTML5 and Flash video. The video player will automatically switch depending upon the OS and browser of the visitor.