Dropbox is a popular web service that offers online storage and also helps you keep files across computers and mobile phones in sync with each other. Dropbox is available for all popular OS and mobile platforms.

Compare SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox

We compare the features of Windows SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox to help you pick the best file storage and sync service for your specific requirements.

Use Dropbox with your own Web Domain

Learn how you can use your own custom web domain with Dropbox. All your public filie URLs will have your own web address and not dropbox.com

Find if Anyone Else is Using your Dropbox Account

In a serious security breach, Dropbox accounts were open for all as anyone could log in to other accounts without requiring a passwords. This is time to do a quick security audit of your Dropbox account.

The Best Apps for your Dropbox

Meet some of the best Dropbox apps that add new functionality and extend the service beyond the realms of online storage.

A New Dropbox Edition for your Business

Dropbox for Teams - This Dropbox edition is for small businesses who are considering moving to a cloud based solution for file sharing and synchronization .

Bandwidth Limits in Dropbox

Dropbox imposes certain bandwidth limits on files in the Public folder and if you exceed that limit, the URLs may be temporarily disabled.

How to Use Dropbox

This simple video tutorial describes how you can use Dropbox to share your files and access them from anywhere.