The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is used by content owners against websites that host copyrighted material though, in some cases, the system has been abused and content has been removed by submitting false takedown notices.

Fake Copyright Complaints on Facebook

If you ever get a DMCA takedown on Facebook or YouTube for videos that contain royalty-free music from iMovie and other software, always file a counter notice.

How DMCA Notices May Facilitate Software Piracy

If Google decides to remove web pages from their search results in response to a DMCA takedown notice, they will forward a copy of that cease and desist letter to the Chilling Effects website for public consumption.

Tips for Writing a DMCA Complaint to Google

How do you deal with a scraper site and prevent them from republishing your content? One option is that you submit a DMCA complaint to Google to get the scraper site out of search results.

Filing a DMCA Complaint to Google Gets Easy

Is a blogspot blog copying your content or images without permission. You can now file a DMCA complaint to Google via the web asking them to takedown the copied articles.