Data Visualization

The Most Popular Month for Birthdays

An interactive heatmap illustrates the frequency of births on any day of the year. It out that September is the most popular month to have babies.

What can you Give Up for Keeping your Smartphone?

A study commissioned by Google on how consumers use smartphones throws up some interesting data. People use their smartphones while eating, inside the bathroom and even while having important conversations.

Most Popular Online Media Sites Among Bloggers

Following a list of mainstream media websites that get maximum link love from bloggers as they are the top sources of news for bloggers. New York Times, Guardian UK and Wall Street Journal top the list.

Market Share of Email Services on the Web

Hitwise released their stats for the 20 most popular websites based on traffic to that domain. The list also includes the top four email websites and is therefore a good way to measure the relatively popularity of different email services.

The 20 Most Popular Websites

Hitwise today released new data about the top 20 most popular websites in terms of traffic with taking the top position.

When It Comes to Sending Spam, India Ranks at #7

According to Trend Micro, India now has the dubious distinction of being the 7th largest spam sender in the world and largest in Asia. Russia (11.92 %), United States (9.36 %) and Brazil (7.48 %) hold the top 3 positions.