Design a Currency Symbol for the Indian Rupee

A currency sign (like $, £ or €) is a graphic symbol often used as a shorthand for a currency's name. The Indian Rupee symbol design contest by Finance Ministry is looking for creative designs that also connect with Indian history and culture.

Yahoo Currency Converter Gets Smart; Adds Pocket Guides

I normally use the Google search box as the default currency converter but in situations where you don't know the exact currency code or the official currency of some country, the all new currency converter from Yahoo! will come very handy.

PayPal Currency Converter

When you withdraw money from Paypal in a foreign currency, they will levy a 2.5% conversion fee on the retail foreign exchange rate.

The Soaring Rupee – Causes and Impact

India is facing a peculiar problem of ‘Dutch Disease’. The term refers to a situation where there are large inflows of foreign exchange due to discovery of natural resources or massive foreign investment in the country which in turn leads to appreciation of the currency, undermining the traditional export industries.