Cascading Style Sheets or CSS helps you describe the presentation of an HTML document. See practical examples of what you can do to your website with CSS

How to Hide your Email Address on Web Pages

Here are some CSS and JavaScript based techniques that will help you hide your email address from email harvesting bots that scrap web pages, looking for email addresses.

Windows 8 Logo Recreated in CSS

Do you like the new Windows 8 logo. Microsoft is use flat metro tiles done in one solid blue color and the same can be recreated in HTML.

Create Printer Friendly Blog Pages with Simple CSS

This CSS trick shows how to make your blog printer friendly. When readers print your web articles, they will get a clean version of the story without any sidebars, Google Ads, logos, navigation links and other extra elements.

Hide Your Web Images From Normal View with a Text Layer

Learn how to hide any web image with some CSS code. When people open a web page containing an hidden image, all they see is some plain text - the actual picture is revealed only when they select the entire text with a mouse.