Send Postal Letters Anywhere in the World Through Internet

Learn how to send real letters (snail mail) using email - the services will print, fold, envelope, add postage stamps and send out the letter to the destination address via postal mail. You can also upload photographs, Word or PDF documents and send them using the computer.

Comparison of Online Project Management Apps

Review and comparison of the best web-based project management software that can help you stay on top of your work. All online project managment tools discussed here offer a free version and some are even compatible with Google Apps.

Free Virtualization Software for your Windows PC

Virtualization tools let you run multiple operating systems on the same computer. This article compares the best virtualization software for Windows including Microsoft Virtual PC, VirtualBox and VMware Player.

Pocket Video Cameras – Buying Guide

The year 2008 saw the emergence of some great pocket video cameras that are no larger than your mobile phone, inexpensive, they shoot good-looking video and are almost as easy to operate as an iPod - no confusing controls, just a single record button. These pocket camcorder attach to the computer via the USB port and record video in a straight-to-web format perfect for YouTube and other video sharing websites.