Why is Facebook so Blue in Color?

Why is everything so blue about the Facebook website right from the sign-up page to the icons, the chat windows and even the site pop-ups that have shades of blue.

How to Decide a Color Scheme for Your Home

Deciding a color scheme for your home? The process can be both exciting and daunting. There are so many choices to choose from that it becomes hard to decide what colors to paint.

Online Coloring Book for Kids

Remember those coloring books with those clearly outlined comic characters you could fill colors in ?

Think Web Colors in Hexadecimal Numbers

The first 2 digits in the RGB color code denote red, the second 2 green and the last 2 blue. Each number denotes the strength of that particular color - FF0000 is only red (no green, no blue), 00FF00 only green (no red, no blue). If all colors are present in equal strength FFFFFF, you get white, if no color is present 000000, black.

How Does a Color-Blind Person See Your Site ?

If you are interested in designing an accessible website or are curious to experience websites from the eyes of a color blind, ColorBlindMe will help. It helps you view web sites like a color blind person would see them.