The CE Mark Can Have Another Meaning

Before you buy any electronic gadget or a toy with the CE mark, make sure the marking is original and not the fake China Export mark.

China Blocks IMDB Movie Website

Amazon owned, a hugely popular web database of movies and actors, is no longer accessible from China. They blocked IMDB due to a film on Tibet.

China Imposes Blanket Ban on all Blogger Blogs

There are some 275 million blogs hosted on and all them have possibly been blocked in China. Learn tricks on how to post to Blogger blogs from inside Mainland China.

How China Censors the Internet – Video

Internet censorship in China - Leaked documents from Baidu reveals a list of banned keywords and topics that are blacklisted on the Chinese internet.

Bloggers Write Text Backwards to Bypass Web Filters in China

Bloggers and journalists in China are using a novel approach to bypass Internet filters in their country – they write backwards or from right to left. The content therefore remains readable by human beings but defeats the web filtering software. in China Is Blocked

To access YouTube in China or any other country where access to YouTube is blocked, try Truveo from AOL and download the YouTube video using

Surfing the Internet in China

For China's 162 million Web users, surfing the Internet can be like running an obstacle course with blocked Web sites, partial search results, and posts disappearing at every turn.