Social Media Probook – Download your Free Copy

The ProBook is a free e-book written by some of the most well-known and influential social media experts in the world. The book contains practical advice and insights around social media tools.

Tips for Shooting Better Home Videos

Steve Stockman, author of How to Shoot Videos That Doesn't Suck, offers five great tips that will help you shoot better home movies with your existing video camera.

Track Upcoming Books by your Favorite Author

Know when the next book of your favorite author is hitting the stores before anyone else. Also keep track of all new and upcoming book releases around any topic.

Which Amazon Store Should You Use for Buying Books?

Learn how to find the right Amazon store that is offering a particular book at the cheapest price (including international shipping). The serves compares prices across,,, and to find the best deal on books for you.

How to Purchase Books Online for Less

Learn money saving tips that will help you buy (new and used) books online at the cheapest price with a combination of comparison shopping, discount codes and smart thinking. College students can also save on textbooks by renting them from online stores.

Shakespeare in XML

If you’re the kind of geek who insists on reading everything in XML, this should be fun.

Turning Blogs into Printed Books

Indian Bloggers are turning their popular blogs into printed books. You can either approach a book publisher or visit a print on demand service like LULU to self publish books from PDF or Word Documents.