Bookmarklets are simple pieces of JavaScript code that let you do more with your browser without having to install any add-ons or extension. Bookmarklets are saved and used as normal bookmarks.

The Share on Google Plus Bookmarklet

The Share on Google Plus bookmarklet lets you recommend (or +1) pages and you can also share websites among your Google+ circles.

Play Angry Birds on any Website

The Angry Birds bookmarklet turns any web page into a pigs castle and you can use the birds to destruct the page.

Link to a Specific Part of a Web Page with CiteBite

Learn about a useful app that lets you link directly to any specific paragraph or line of text on a web page. Deep linking helps when the page is extremely long or cluttered with too many things.

Bookmarklet Adds a 3D Effect to Webpages

With the help of this bookmarklet, you can convert all the 2D images on a web page into 3D anaglyphs which appear three-dimensional when viewed through a pair of red-cyan 3D glasses.

Create Short URLs with the Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet will shorten links of the current web page using, the new Google URL shortener service without requiring the Google Toolbar or even Chrome.

Use Google Sidewiki without the Google Toolbar

This article describes how you can use Google Sidewiki without installing the Google Toolbar. You can add the Sidewiki bookmarklet to your web browser or your iPhone and read Sidewiki entries or annotations for any web page.

Know What People Are Saying about a Web Page

If you want to know what people are currently saying about any web page on the Internet, try any of the following bookmarklets. They load conversations from Twitter, Blogs, FriendFeed, Digg and other places.