How to Write a Successful Blog

Know what it takes to be successful in the world of blogging. Here are tips and advice from bloggers that will help take your blog to the next level.

Calling All Indian Bloggers

The new Indian Bloggers directory won’t just showcase the best blogs from India but also the people (or bloggers) who are writing these blogs.

A Book Review Program for Bloggers

Book publisher will send you books for free if you agree to write a review of the books on Amazon (or another online book store) and on your blog.

How to Become a Great Blogger

CopyBlogger offers some great advice that can help you become not just great but a "kiss ass" blogger: Readers like you to be humble – Everyone makes mistakes.

Guardian: Fining Bloggers for Non-Disclosure is Futile

Responding to FTC requirements that bloggers should disclose relationships, Jessica writes – "Fining online writers for non-disclosure is futile" There is a vast difference between a "professional" blogger and someone operating socially on Facebook or Twitter.

Better Search Rankings without SEO

Dawn Foster shares some good tips for writing blog content that your visitors will not only enjoy reading but they will also link to you thus improving your search rankings without you having to hire an SEO.

Why Advertisers Love Blog Networks

A Digital Marketing Agency prefers dealing with Blog Networks instead of individual bloggers. Here’s why: Today, blog networks range from big, like Gawker and Sugar, to smaller and more focused, like The Business Insider, VentureBeat and the GigaOm Network, which cover business and technology.

Advice for Group Blogs – Hire an Editor

Paul Boutin, who writes for Wired and the gadget blog at NYT, has some useful advice for group blogs (multiple authors contributing to one or more blogs): Hire someone to handle all images for posts, so your writers can focus on writing.

Useful Tips for Online Writers and Bloggers

Great bloggers speak with informed, personal authority through an honest, lively voice. Their posts often engage readers in a productive conversation through comments posted to the blog.