BlackBerry mobile phones are particularly popular among professionals who are constantly checking their email accounts. With Playbook, RIM has expanded the BlackBerry brand to tablets as well.

BlackBerry Prices Drop in India

BlackBerry maker RIM has dropped the prices of all BlackBerry mobile phones in India by as much as 27% - See chart for the new prices.

The Debug Log Stores your BlackBerry Call History

BlackBerry keeps a record of your phone calls in the debug log that is otherwise used for troubleshooting. Therefore, to completely empty your phone call log, always remember to delete the debug log.

Find the Actual Signal Strength on your BlackBerry

BlackBerry, like most other mobile phones, uses a bar graph to indicate the current signal strength of your cellular network. Learn a cheat code that will show you the exact strength in dBm.

BlackBerry Desktop Software 6

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software 6 for your BlackBerry - it has a very clean UI and officially supports Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Winter Hand Gloves for Touch-Screen Mobile Devices

If you are standing out in freezing cold and need to make a call on your iPhone or type a long email on the BlackBerry or change the music track on your iPod Touch, these winter hand gloves will come handly.

BlackBerry Device Software v4.5

BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 will be available later this month for BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Series, BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series, and BlackBerry 8800 Series.