Set Bing Images as your Desktop Wallpaper

The Bing homepage features a new image every day and there’s a new utility that will download and set these images as your desktop background automatically.

See the new Video Homepage for Bing

Bing is now using an HTML5 powered video background for their homepage. The video based homepages look good though they do add weight to the site.

An SEO Guide for Bing

The Bing Webmaster team has written a detailed guide on what you should do to get your site ranked in Bing.

Optimize Your Site for Bing Search

While Google sends you the maximum traffic, it will be a bad idea if you do not optimize your site for Bing as the share of Microsoft’s search engine is set to grow now that they have partnered with Yahoo Search.

How to Enable Visual Search in Bing

If you cannot access Bing visual search from your computer, go to Bing settings and change your current location to United States.

Navigate Google Hot Trends with Bing

You can browse the most-searched queries on Google Hot Trends using search results from Bing. This Google Trends + Bing mashup displays web pages, news results, images and video search results in one page.