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Find Public Domain Content via Creative Commons

Learn how to to find copyright-free, public domain content on the Internet using Creative Commons Zero. A web page or photograph under public domain is not protected by copyright and can be freely used by everyone.

How to Publish Screenshot Images on Twitter

Learn how to share screenshot images of web pages, error messages or anything else on your desktop screen on to your Twitter account quickly and effortlessly.

Decide Which Email Program to Use For Sending Mails

Should the computer using a web email program (like Gmail or Yahoo Mail) or a desktop mail client (like Outlook or Thunderbird) for composing email messages when you click mailto hyperlinks on a web page or a document.

Know What People Are Saying about a Web Page

If you want to know what people are currently saying about any web page on the Internet, try any of the following bookmarklets. They load conversations from Twitter, Blogs, FriendFeed, Digg and other places.

The Highest Paying AdSense Ads May Not Always Be On Top

If there are multiple Google AdSense ad units on a web page, it is generally assumed that the top ad unit (the one which appears first in the HTML source code) will serve the highest paying CPC ads. Well, that may be true most of the times but not always.

How to Print Wikipedia Articles on Paper

Learn how to print Wikipedia articles more efficiently thus saving ink and paper. You can print Wikipedia on paper of any size using your favorite font typeface.

Location Tracking with Google Latitude

Your friends and family members can know your exact location on Google Maps via Google latitude – a free application for mobile phones that can also be used on a regular web browser. It updates automatically as you move around and you may also use this to track school going children.

Moving Your Website from Google Pages to Google Sites

Google will automatically import your web pages from Google Page Creator into your Google Sites but you’ll have manually export images and other files from Google Pages. Here’s the trick on how to do that.