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Amazon Gives You 5 GB of Storage Space for Free

Amazon Cloud Drive is like an online hard drive - you get 5 GB of free online storage space to store documents, photos, music and all other files securely in the cloud. All you need is a free account and a web browser.

The Various Options for Buying a Kindle in India

Looking to buy an Amazon Kindle in India? Learn about the various shopping websites that will ship the Kindle to your address in India and also compare the price of Kindle across these places.

Get a Random Homepage for your Browser

The browser home page is the first web page that you see when you start your web browser. Let's see how we can make our start page more interesting and random.

Make your Old Add-ons Work with Firefox 4

Some of your favorite add-ons (aka extensions) may not work with Firefox 4 since the developer has not updated them yet. There's however a workaround to make all older add-ons compatible with the new Firefox 4.0.

Link to a Specific Time of Youtube videos

Youtube lets you link to a specific time in the video using the t parameter. This helps because if a video is long, you can directly link to the most interesting part and skip the previous part.

The Most Useful Web Applications

As we bid adieu to 2008, let's looks at some useful web applications that really made an impact. All these apps are available online for free and require no installation.

Customize your Facebook Profile Page

This tutorial describes how you can customize the layout and design of your new Facebook profile page with the help of image slices.

Track Upcoming Books by your Favorite Author

Know when the next book of your favorite author is hitting the stores before anyone else. Also keep track of all new and upcoming book releases around any topic.

Embed YouTube Videos in both Flash and HTML5

Learn how you can easily embed a YouTube video in your site using both HTML5 and Flash video. The video player will automatically switch depending upon the OS and browser of the visitor.

What’s Inside any Private YouTube Video

If you see a message - this video is private - it indicates that that YouTube video you're trying to watch is not available for your Google Account. You can however still see some frames of that private video.