Backup all your Online Accounts to Amazon S3

Backupify is a web-based cron job for performing daily backups of your online accounts. It supports Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Wordpress, Blogger, Flickr, and most other popular cloud services.

Backup Your Photos Online, Preserve Memories Forever

Digital Photos on your computer are priceless. This article describes how you can backup your photographs online and secure them against computer failures or viruses. It also compares different photo-hosting services to help you make the right choice.

Download and Backup all your Blogger Blogs

Blogger Backup lets you make an exact backup of all your Blogspot blogs including comments and blog entries. The easy restoration process makes it easy to recover blog post in case of a failure. Windows Only.

Sync Files Between Your Computer and External USB Drives

Free file folder synchronization software for Windows - synchronize MP3 songs, videos, pictures, documents and other files easily with Microsoft SyncToy. Works with multiple folders on the same computer, network shared drives or external USB hard disks.