Google Android is a popular operating system for mobile phones and tablet devices. Read Android tips and learn about new Apps that will help you become more productive.

How to Try Android Apps Before Buying?

Google Andoid Market doesn't offer a 'try before you buy' option for testing paid apps but there's an easy workaround that will help you try any of the paid apps before buying them.

Report Spam SMS and Marketing Calls on Android

Registered your mobile number in the Do No Disturb (DND) registry but still receive unwanted SMS messages or promotional phone calls. Here's how you can easily report such spam to 1909.

Building an Android App for your Blog

If you would like to create a native Android App (apk) for your own blog, here are all the things you should know to build the mobile app.

An App that Records all your Phone Activity

Imagine if you could keep a log of everything that you do on your mobile phone. The phone calls, your emails and text messages, the various places you visit, and even the music tracks that you listen to on your phone.

Airtel Brings Google Android Mobile Phones to India

HTC Magic is a Google Android powered touchscreen mobile phone that is Wi-Fi enabled and features a 3.2 megapixel still and video camera. It's an unlocked Google Phone so you an use it on any network.