Amazon S3

Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service – Guide

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an easy and inexpensive Internet hard-drive from Amazon Web Services (AWS) with absolutely no limits. This S3 Guide has all the information and tools you would need to quickly get started with Amazon S3.

Amazon Gives You 5 GB of Storage Space for Free

Amazon Cloud Drive is like an online hard drive - you get 5 GB of free online storage space to store documents, photos, music and all other files securely in the cloud. All you need is a free account and a web browser.

[Tutorial] How to Host Your Website on Amazon S3

This tutorial explains how can you easily host your website on Amazon S3 and then map the S3 bucket to your own web domain. It is almost as easy as uploading files to an FTP server.

Backup all your Online Accounts to Amazon S3

Backupify is a web-based cron job for performing daily backups of your online accounts. It supports Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Wordpress, Blogger, Flickr, and most other popular cloud services.

Backup Your Photos Online, Preserve Memories Forever

Digital Photos on your computer are priceless. This article describes how you can backup your photographs online and secure them against computer failures or viruses. It also compares different photo-hosting services to help you make the right choice.

Web Based File Managers for Amazon S3

If you are looking to access files stored on your Amazon S3 account from a web browser without having to install any desktop software, these web based file managers for S3 will come in handy.

Find Sites that are Hotlinking to your Amazon S3

Hotlinking occurs when people embed your files in their own web pages. Now you can find about other websites that are hotlinking to your images, documents or MP3 files that are hosted inside Amazon S3 buckets.