Write Your Own eBooks in the Browser with

If you looking for an online service that will let you write and publish your own ebook in a format that is compatible with most ebook readers (including Sony Reader, Nook and Amazon's Kindle), check Buzzword.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 for Users

Adobe Reader 9, the free PDF viewer from Adobe, is up for grabs. The new release looks almost identical to Adobe Reader 8 though it loads slightly faster and is integrated with

Desktop Screen Sharing and Web Meetings with Adobe Brio

Adobe BRIO is a free desktop screen sharing and web conference solution from Adobe. It is the next version of Macromedia Breeze and Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional. Comes with a Whiteboard, Annotation tools and phone conference.

Adobe Brings Yahoo! AdSense to PDF Documents

Ads for Adobe PDF enables publishers to monetize their PDF content through advertising. When a recipient opens a PDF document from a commercial publisher participating in this program, ads will be dynamically matched and displayed in a panel adjacent to the content. The publishers are eligible to be paid for valid clicks on the ads.