How to Make Your Own 3D Glasses at Home

You need a pair of red and blue colored 3D glasses to watch any of the 3d videos on YouTube. Learn how you can make your own 3D glasses at home.

An Affordable 3D Scanner for your Home

HP TopShot is an affordable Laser Printer and 3D scanner for your home. It scans 3D objects and transforms them into 2D scans that you print or upload to the web.

See Web Pages in 3D with Tilt, a Firefox Extension

While you are on a web page, activate the 3D navigation controls by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M and then use your mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard to pan, zoom or rotate that page in any direction

Bookmarklet Adds a 3D Effect to Webpages

With the help of this bookmarklet, you can convert all the 2D images on a web page into 3D anaglyphs which appear three-dimensional when viewed through a pair of red-cyan 3D glasses.

AutoDesk DragonFly — Online 3D Home Design Software

Autodesk DragonFly is a free 3D home design software to help you create floor plans and visualize the whole space in 3D realistic images. You may build a new home from scratch or give your existing kitchen, bedroom and other areas a complete makeover.

An Inexpensive Wearable Computer

Sixth Sense is a wearable computer from MIT that has Microsoft Surface table like features but can be used on any physical surface. The Sixth Sense computer costs only $350 to build and any application, now on your computer or mobile phone, can be used in Sixth Sense.

Navigate Google Search Results as a 3D Cube

Search Cube lets you navigate Google search results inside a 3D cube. Search Cubes shows thumbnail previews of up to ninety-six websites, videos and images fetched from Google using your search query.