Slideshare, a service often referred as "YouTube for Presentations", has expanded beyond PowerPoint slides into other territories like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

You can now upload both .doc and .xls files on to SlideShare in addition to PDF and ppt format.

This brings Slideshare in direct competition with other document sharing services like Scribd, DocStoc, Zoho Share and, to some extent, eSnips.

Comparison of Document Sharing Services

  Scribd Slideshare DocStoc Zoho Share
File Size Limit ? 100 MB 50 MB 3 MB
Allows Anonymous Uploads No Yes Yes No
Supports Office 2007 Formats Yes No Yes No
Flash Viewer Size (for embedding) 127 KB 29 KB ? ?


The following Google Trends chart compares the traffic across different document sites but it may very-well change in future as Slideshare has ventured into waters that were earlier dominated by Scribd.


Like other document sharing services, Slideshare too converts your Office documents in Adobe Flash format for viewing or embedding but they also create a plain text transcript of the document that spiders can read and understand. Therefore any content uploaded on Slideshare has a better chance of ranking in search engines.

The transcripts also come handy when translating documents.