quicktime-x-logo Apple will ship a new version of QuickTime Media Player with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard code-named QuickTime X (or Quicktime Ten).

The good news is that QuickTime X can also be used as a screencasting software for recording full motion videos of anything on your desktop screen without requiring external capturing tools like Jing, Screen Flow, iShowU or Snapz Pro X.

This feature will be very handy for educators who can quickly create a video recording of their presentations (with voice narration) and share it with the world by uploading the QuickTime movie to YouTube or any other video sharing site.

Camtasia Studio for Mac is also expected this year but it should be more capable than the built-in screen recorder of QuickTime X.

Microsoft too offers a free screen recording application called Windows Media Encoder though not many people are aware of it since it’s more about broadcasting.