You can press the print shortcut Ctrl+P to send any Wikipedia article to the printer but there’s a small problem – most Wikipedia pages carry too much additional information (like images, reference links, etc.) that aren’t very useful in the print version and you’ll therefore end up wasting lot of paper as well as ink.

Print Wikipedia Pages Efficiently

So let’s look at some alternate printing methods for Wikipedia that aren’t just more eco-friendly but you also get to decide stuff that finally gets printed on the paper.

My first choice for printing Wikipedia articles is always This is a free online service that can generate a printer friendly summary of any Wikipedia story. You have also format the article to fit various paper sizes (like A4, A5, etc.) or use different fonts for more impressive and readable print-outs.

Format Wikipedia Articles for Print

Lexisum is great for quick summaries but if you want to print more than just a summary, try This service lets you remove portions of a Wikipedia web page that you do not want in the print version. You can change fonts, remove images and even narrow down the paper margins so that more stuff gets printed on the same page.

Print PDF Books of Wikipedia

The above printing solutions are quite handy in situations where you have to print just a couple of pages from Wikipedia but in case you like to print more pages in one go, try PediaPress. It works like this – you collect a list of links on Wikipedia that you want to print and this service will create a PDF book that you may print on your local printer or order the article collection as a printed book.

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