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Top Download Software Programs of all Time

Download.com is among the world’s most popular websites for downloading desktop software, device drivers, games and, more recently, mobile apps. CNET launched Download.com in 1996 and the site had a very interesting URL back then – download.com.com – though it now redirects to download.cnet.com.

Download.com has been in the business of distributing software – be it freeware, trialware, shareware or even donationware – for the last 15 years, they host almost every known software title, the site is massively popular and thus their download statistics are a good indicator of the overall trend.

On their 15th anniversary, Download.com editors look back at the site’s growth and have put an infographic with a list of software programs that have been downloaded the maximum number of times since the site made its debut in 1996.

It may not surprise many but three of the top five most downloaded programs on download.com ever are anti-virus and anti-spyware software for Windows. WinZip, now part of Corel, is also among the most popular titles ever though WinRAR seems to have taken the lead in 2011.