Unlike Microsoft Excel, there aren’t any Filter functions available in Google Docs spreadsheets but you can easily emulate them with simple formulae. Let’s see how:

Filter Unique Records in Google Docs

If you like to remove duplicate rows from a table in Google Docs, use the UNIQUE formula as shown in this screencast.


Click an empty cell, type =UNIQUE(, select the range of cells you want to filter and then close the parenthesis. Simple.

Find Duplicate Rows in Google Docs

This is a reverse case where you want to display rows in a spreadsheet that have duplicates.

find duplicates

This requires a couple of steps:

Step 1: Assuming that our original data is in columns A, B & C, go to cell D1 and write a formula to concatenate the data in three columns. We’ll use a pipe separator to distinguish between a row like "a1, b, c" and "a, 1b, c".

=CONCATENATE(A1, "|", B1, "|", C1) – drag the cell handle to fill the formula in other cells.

Step 2: Sort the D column by clicking the header as shown in the screencast.

Step 3: We now need a function to compare two adjacent values in column D. If the values are same, one of them is a duplicate for sure. Type this in E2:

=IF(D2=D1, "Duplicate", "") – drag to fill all cells until E5.

That’s it. All rows in column E that have value "Duplicate" are duplicate rows.

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