record desktopUnlike other screencasting software tools that simply record your desktop screen activity to standard video files, Debut video recorder solves a different problem.

Debut runs silently in the background and can record a movie of your desktop screen or it can capture live video from the webcam. And the software weighs less than half a MB.

Once the video is captured, Debut can send you the recording via email attachments using the default email program on your desktop.

transfer-video Alternatively, the software can upload the recorded video to any web server via FTP access. And if you are on a network, you may ask Debut to automatically copy the video recording on to another network folder.

Debut Video Recorder is available as a free download for all editions of Windows including Vista.

Debut may also be used as a spy camera for monitoring the desktop screen or even your cubicle from a remote location. If the recorded movies are too big in size, consider reducing the screen capture rate to something like 5 frames per second.

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