NFC Enabled Business Cards from Moo

Your can touch the NFC business card to an NFC enabled mobile phone and contacts data printed on the card will instantly transfer to the address book.

How to Use Opera Unite in Opera 12

Opera Unite is a useful service that turns Opera into a file sharing server and a web server but the option is no longer available in Opera v12 and later.

Use Google Authenticator without the Phone

Google Authenticator secures your online accounts with one-time passwords. You can even generate verification codes on the desktop while the phone is away.

How to Install Windows 8 as a Virtual Machine

You can download and install Windows 8 on your primary Windows computer but without disturbing any of existing apps or settings - just configure WIndows 7 as a Virtual Machine.

Does Bad Weather Affect Cloud Computing?

Can rains or bad weather affect cloud based services? Most people think so as they believe that the term cloud in cloud computing refers to the physical cloud.