The Share on Google Plus Bookmarklet

The Share on Google Plus bookmarklet lets you recommend (or +1) pages and you can also share websites among your Google+ circles.

Can I Use This Image On My Website?

The handy flowchart style poster should help you decide whether or not you can a particular image on your website. If yes, the poster also suggest way on how you can properly credit the original source of the photograph.

How to Try Android Apps Before Buying?

Google Andoid Market doesn’t offer a ‘try before you buy’ option for testing paid apps but there’s an easy workaround that will help you try any of the paid apps before buying them.

Calling All Indian Bloggers

The new Indian Bloggers directory won’t just showcase the best blogs from India but also the people (or bloggers) who are writing these blogs.

How to Quickly Add Filler Text in Word Documents

Lorem Ipsum refers to a dummy block of text that is often used in publishing and graphic design to fill gaps in the page before the actual words are put into the finished product. Learn how to generate Lorem ipsum inside a Word Document.

Embed Large Pictures with Google Maps Viewer

Learn how to embed high resolution photographs into your website (with pan and zoom) using the Google Maps Image Viewer that cuts the large image into small tiles.

The Most Popular Month for Birthdays

An interactive heatmap illustrates the frequency of births on any day of the year. It out that September is the most popular month to have babies.