Surfing the Internet in China

For China's 162 million Web users, surfing the Internet can be like running an obstacle course with blocked Web sites, partial search results, and posts disappearing at every turn.

Interact With Facebook Friends on Any Web Page

CommentAnywhere is a browser extension and Facebook Platform application. CommentAnywhere turns the entire internet into a social context for sharing, collaborating, and interacting with your friends and networks.

Convert Videos or Edit Pictures Online With Link Shortcuts

Steve writes about some of his favorite Web 2.0 bookmarklets – my picks: Amazon This – pops up a little window, enter a term and it will run your search through on Amazon Convert Me – takes any YouTube video and converts it into another downloadable format using Zamzar.

Turning Expertise Into Revenue

Gaurav at University of Pennsylvania writes this for a "Journal of International Management" paper on the strategic impact of search engines: Amit Agarwal, a computer science engineer, had a successful career working for such firms as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.